Casket Panel


We are proud to announce that we now have available to you a Casket Panel which uses your choice of the standard backgrounds and verses in our catalog.

Here is how it works: Fill out the Order Form, choosing the desired background and verse, and email us a picture of the decedent before 2:00pm, CST.  We will then create the Casket Panel and send it to you overnight, via FEDEX, to arrive by noon the following day.  It is necessary for us to receive the photograph and the completed order form by 2:00pm CST.

We regret that we CANNOT FILL SUNDAY OR HOLIDAY ORDERS for overnight, nor can we have deliveries made on Sundays or holidays.


Your cost is:
$130.00 (inclueds $30 overnight shipping) or

Due to fluctuating fuel prices, if the cost of overnight shipping exceeds $30, we will invoice you for the additional charges.

The Casket Panel will fit any make of casket, but please provide us with the interior length and width measurements of the lid to ensure a snug fit. The Casket Panel Order Form will request this information from you before the order can be placed. (Due to dimensional obstacles, standard backgrounds 7 and 8 are unavailable on this product.)