Frequent Questions:

Who can order Everlasting Memories?  The program is available exclusively to funeral homes and cemeteries. After the first memorial is received, family and friends can place additional orders by returning the accompanying order form or by calling 1-877-857-1616.

Do you make memorials with backgrounds other than the ones shown?  We try to add a few new backgrounds every year. If you wish to have a custom background built from a picture you provide, we’ll be happy to assist you. The charge for a custom background memorial is $29.00.

Will you do custom verses?  We will! Please enter the verse in the box provided on the order form page and proofread it carefully. The charge for a custom verse is $15.00.

What if I want the verse to appear in a different language?  We will key in verses in foreign languages, or translations of our own verses, but you must provide them for us. We will not translate them ourselves. If the verse contains accent marks or other foreign characters you are unable to render on your computer, print the verse out, handwrite the additional marks, and fax it to us at 217-347-1082.

Will you make a free memorial for any decedent?  We will provide one memorial at no charge for each decedent with a death date of 2 years or less. All others, including children under one year of age; there will be a charge of $29.00.

Who is responsible for errors on the memorial?  We will correct all mistakes and ship a new memorial to you as soon as possible. There is no charge for errors made on our part. Names, dates, spellings, etc., incorrectly reported on the order form, will be corrected for $20.00. Please return the misprinted memorial as proof of the error.